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“Orange Crush”

By Bryan James


            To build an 18/30 Watt amp based off of the Orange graphic mkII.

The design:

  • A one channel preamp
  • Pre-amp and PI section based on the Orange graphic mkII
  • AB1 Push-pull fixed bias, using 4 El84’s
  • A switch to drop out 2 of the EL84’s
  • Solid State Rectifier with a B+ 360-385 volts
  • Easy laid out Turret board.


            Proposed schematic is finished and posted on here.

            Turret board has been made from the current layout


The schematic can be found at http://www.james-gang.org/jca/orange/schematic.gif this schematic is currently laid out on 19”x11” it well be reduced. Please be patiant

Audio Clips:



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