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“The LoWatt”

By Bryan James


Gino of Drifter Amps


            To build an 18 to 20 Watt amp based off of the DR504 HiWatt Amp.


The design:

  • A two channel preamp
  • Pre-amp and PI section based on the DR504 HiWatt
  • AB1 Push-pull fixed bias, using 2 El84’s
  • Solid State Rectifier with a B+ 360-385 volts
  • Easy laid out Turret board.



            Proposed schematic is finished and posted on Ax84 and here.

            Turret board has been made from the current layout (subject to change upon testing)

            Chassis marked and prep for drilling.

            11/04/00 add server changes to the schematic this is in the bias section and power filter section added a choke too

            Amp is up and running sound clips and up dated schematic this week end.

            11/06/00 added one audio file more to come

            11/11/00 ver 2.0 of both the schematic and turret layout are finished. Record some mp3 should have them up by tomorrow

            11/20/00 ver 2.1 of the turret layout. Fixed error in the PI section. Well try to post mp3 tonight.



The schematic can be found at http://www.james-gang.org/jca/lowatt/lowatt2.jpg this schematic is currently laid out on 17”x11” it well be reduced as development precedes. Please note there are changes to the working prototype that aren’t list yet. Please be patiant


Here is the current turret board Layout this board is laid out on legal size paper. The turret board is 13”x3 1/8”

Warning: This is a Beta Layout and though it has been tested, and  does work. I’m still working on making it better.


Audio Clips:

MP3 of the lowatt can be found here




Click here to see Pic Page


Copyright 2000 please do not repost on other web sites without permission. Feel free to link to this page. I just ask that I be notified.

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