Welp it's alive! not the best looking thing but sounds great.

these are quick pictures taken with a web cam when i get some time i do some better pics

the bright channel was moved to the rear because of oscilation caused by the OT
the amp was rebuilt 2 1/2 (why the extra holes). should be redoing the chassis soon.

just added (5/1/00)

here is a quick mp3. it's of nuthing really just some chord changes
the volume on the clean channel is at the 12 o'clock postion
so also the postion on the dial on the powerbrake is at 12o'clock too
the static/buzz isn't from the tube amp but either the mixer or the microphones
it's a grounding issue with them i touch either of the three (2 mic's 1 mixer) the buzz goes away
don't worry i'll fix that before anymore mp3's
1959 clip 1(0.99Mb)

Front View

Back View

Side View

Top Angle

Inside of the chassis

inside of the chassis 2

power amp and bias section

Pre-amp section

thanks for your time
Bryan james